About the U-Bike Project

“We believe UÉUBikes will really contribute to stimulate change towards a more sustainable society”

Ana Costa Freitas, Rector of the University of Évora


About the U-Bike Project

The UéUbike is the project of the University of Évora which, as part of U-Bike Portugal, aims to encourage the adoption of more sustainable mobility habits by regularly using the bicycle as a preferential means of transport, thus promoting energy efficiency and rationalization of consumption. The University of Évora is one of the fifteen Higher Education Institutions that are part of the consortium U-bike Portugal, coordinated by IMT, I. P ..

Why pedaling?

The University of Évora promotes smooth, new generation, sustainable mobility by giving the academic community 300 conventional bicycles and 200 electric bicycles through a free and long-term scheme.

It is intended that UEU-Bikes contribute significantly to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions as well as promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles. In an UNESCO world heritage city, the adoption of soft mobility will also contribute to mitigating impacts by reducing the circulation of motor vehicles.

BICYCLES | 40% electric | 60% conventional


+ 7000 Students | + 600 teachers and researchers | + 400 non-teaching workers

The experience. What users say

“It has been a very positive experience; more exercise, smaller footprint, and a few extra euros in my wallet. In some situations I have taken less time to arrive.

Nelson Carrasco, Computer Services

“Without going into considerations of the benefits to the planet, in what concerns health it is certainly very advantageous, especially for those who develop their professional activity, in front of a monitor all day long. It implies daily exercise contributing to physical and mental well-being. “

Maria Antónia Pereira, School of Social Sciences

How to join?

  1. Access the Integrated Information System (SIIUE) here.
  2. Select “U-Bike” from the navigation menu.
  3. Fill out and submit the form.
  4. Wait for the contact by the UÉ, by e-mail.

The bicycles lending process is carried out under the Regulation of the initiative available here.

Where to repair your UÉUbike

Address: Bairro Senhora da Saúde, Rua do Escoural, nº 38 – 7005-426 Évora
Phone: 266 785 672
Mobile Phone: 967 335 734
Email: galacio-bike@hotmail.com

Website: www.d-bike.pt
Address: Rua Horta das Figueiras, 69 – R/C Dto – Évora
Phone: 266 707 707
Mobile Phone: 965 528 470
Email: geral@d-bike.pt